International Association of Christian Media Practitioners (IACMP) is a non-profit/non-governmental organisation saddled with the responsibility of uniting and pushing the frontiers of Christian Media outfits across the world.

The individual media outfits range from Blogs, Radio and TV stations (Online and Terrestrial), Print Media (Magazines, Bulletins etc), Promoters, Publicists, On-Air Personalities and individuals or brands involved in the creative or media space, focused on Christian (Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ) and wholesome content for the edification of humanity and the glory of God.

IACMP provides networking, training, inspiration and mentoring for Christians working in media. IACMP also creates opportunities for Christian media professionals to connect with others who are called to create and/or distribute visual media (movies, TV, documentaries, short films & more).

IACMP is an umbrella body that looks out for individual members, protects their reputation and regulates standard amongst members.